Space-Saving Ideas for Small Homes

Living in a small condo unit has forced us to find ways to maximize the limited space we have. First, we disposed of all the things that wouldn’t fit in our small home. This means selling or giving away some of our old stuff and buying space-saving furniture. We have a custom-made cabinet in our kitchen area that houses our utensils, pots, pans and dishes. We also have a wooden cabinet in our living area that doubles as TV stand and toy storage shelf. Likewise, we bought a wooden closet for our bedroom that has different-sized compartments that allow us to properly organize our clothes. We also recently bought a flat screen TV to save space in our living room. I don’t think we’ll need a flat panel mount for that anymore.

Also, just about every nook and cranny of our house doubles as storage area. For instance, the top of our tall kitchen cabinet is where we place all our umbrellas, the top of our wooden bedroom closet serves as display area for our books, and the space under our bed is where we place our luggage bags and whatnot.

However, despite these space-saving tips, our living room area is still a bit cluttered because our 6-year-old son has accumulated lots of toys. I know that the best solution to this problem is to discard old toys, but doing this is easier said than done. I really need to find time to do this with my son because I’m busy with work and he’s busy with school (and play. Lol!). He will have the final say on which toys we should keep and which toys we should let go because he’s the boss. I’m planning to get this mission accomplished before September ends.

Do you have other space-saving tips for small homes?

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