Not a Techie Mom

I admit, I know little about computers. Well, yes, I know how to type and use Excel sheets just because I need those things in my job, but I have no idea how to fix things in my laptop if and when a problem arises. That’s because I’m not a techie person. I know how to keep our home spic-and-span, but I have no idea how to clean hard drive, for instance.

The same is true with our gadgets at home. A few months ago, hubby bought an iPad3 that he now shares with our 6-year-old son. Would you believe that I haven’t touched that iPad since hubby brought it home? The truth is, I don’t even know how to switch it on. Lol!

My blogs are no exception. I know how to write and publish blog posts and upload photos in my blogs, but I don’t how to fix my blogs. I usually ask well-meaning blogger friends for help whenever I encounter technical problems while blogging, and yes, I’m learning a lot from them!

I know I need to brush up on my technical skills, but finding some time to devote to furthering these skills seems like a Herculean task to me at this point because I’m juggling being a mom to my 6-year-old son (who’s now in big school) and having a full-time job. Oh, I wish I were a techie mom!

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