“Buy Céleteque, Get More Céleteque” Promo

Sure, I like the beach, but I hate getting sunburned, but sometimes it can’t be helped. It’s a good thing that I can now get relief from sunburn by using Céleteque DermoScience Skin Relief After-Sun Gel. This product provides the following benefits:

• Immediate moisturizing and cooling relief to sunburned skin caused by prolonged sun exposure
• Has Anti-inflammatory Soothing Extracts to reduce the skin’s possible inflammatory response after prolonged sun exposure
• Has Wheat and Aloe Vera Skin Conditioners that help reduce possible flaking of overly dry skin
• Longer absorption period that helps facilitate release of heat trapped in the skin.

Now, here’s the good news! Céleteque DermoScience is giving you more ways to experience its products with the “Buy Céleteque, Get More Céleteque” promo. Here are the promo mechanics:

1. Buy (1) Céleteque DermoScience Sun Care Skin Relief After-sun Gel worth P230. Keep the receipt.
2. Take a photo of yourself with the Céleteque DermoScience Sun Care Skin Relief After-sun Gel you bought.
3. 3. Upload your photo in the Celeteque Facebook page with the caption “Get P800 worth of Celeteque DermoScience products for free!“ Include your full name (as it appears in your valid ID) in the comment.
4. Entrants should ask 10 friends to ‘like’ your entry.
** All likes will be validated to ensure that there are no bogus/dummy accounts. Using dummy accounts will automatically disqualify entries.
5. If the entry is valid, you will receive a notification that you can already claim your prize (P800 worth of Céleteque DermoScience products) at Unilab (Corporate Affairs) 66 United Street Mandaluyong City.
6. Bring receipt upon claiming. STRICTLY NO RECEIPT, NO PRIZE.
7. Winners should show a valid ID. Those who will send representatives should provide an authorization letter, copy of the winner’s ID, and the representative’s ID.
12. No shipping of prizes will be allowed for winners in the GMA region. Only prizes of provincial winners will be shipped.

You can visit Celeteque Facebook page to learn more about the promo: www.facebook.com/celeteque

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