Our House Rules about Computer Games

My 6-year-old son looks forward to Fridays and weekends because those are the only days he’s allowed to play computer games at home provided that he has done his homework and has reviewed for his tests for the following week.

He absolutely loves games that have to do with cars— like racing games, truck games, taxi games, bus games, etc. He also likes cooking games, like Cooking Mama and Toca Kitchen. Just right now, he showed me a new game, Hair Xmas. It’s a Christmas tree that kids can decorate. Kids can adorn their Christmas tree with Christmas toppers, Christmas balls, candy canes, etc. I was expecting to see white Christmas lights, too, but I found none.

At home, we’ve set conditions for our son on what computer games he can play. First off, the games should be appropriate for his age. Second, the games should not have gory and violent scenes. Third, games with bad words are totally out of the picture. We also regulate how long he can play. What about you? Do you allow your kids to play computer games? What rules do you impose at home in relation to children’s computer games?

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