Simply Butterflies Conservation Center in Bilar, Bohol

Part of our Day 2 itinerary in Bohol was to visit the Simply Butterflies Conservation Center in the town of Bilar. According to their website, Simply Butterflies aims to “protect and strengthen the natural environment of the butterflies, through plant research, breeding and releasing.”

Moth (left, Butterfly (right)

Simply Butterflies is more than just a butterfly garden, however, because aside from helping to raise the population of butterflies, Simply Butterflies has also started a butterfly livelihood breeding and conservation program in Bohol, which helps bring money into the local economy.

Half-male, half-female butterfly

Simply Butterflies has a picnic area, an event area and three hectares of recreated butterfly-friendly habitat. It also has a full-service restaurant that offers local and international cuisines. They also have bungalow terraces for rent so guests can enjoy their stay more at the center.


Growth stages of a butterfly

Butterfly cocoons

Letters and numbers seen on wings of butterflies

Simply Butterflies has hundreds of beautiful exotic butterflies hovering around the tropical plants and flowers in the center.

Have you seen a real butterfly earring?

And this one’s a camera trick!

I was glad that I did not forget to wear my prescription glasses when we visited Simply Butterflies Conservation Center. If I did, then I would have missed seeing these lovely butterflies.

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center is open daily from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Entrance fees are as follows: Php40.00 for adults and Php10.00 for kids.

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center
Bilar, Bohol
Telephone No.: (63) 38 535-9400

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  1. Chris says:

    we loved this place too! 😀

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