My Beloved Camera Went Kaput!

We were having a grand time at the Imperial Palace’s Waterpark in Cebu yesterday, which included a lot of swimming and picture taking when the little boy suggested we go to the beach area. There were no people swimming in the beach because the water was deep, so we ended up just posing for our souvenir photos when something unfortunate happened.

Our Canon PowerShot S95 was accidentally dipped in seawater. We managed to have one last shot after the incident before our camera went dead. What impeccable timing! Hubby went to SM Cebu to have the camera checked, and according to the technician, a part needs to be replaced, and that will cost us Php6,000. Oh my!

How I wish our camera has strong protection against seawater the same way a Bell Revolver EVO helmet solidly protects a motorcycle rider. Now, should we have our camera fixed or replaced? That is the question that only my husband can answer.

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