Loving Our Sony Bravia LED Smart TV!

My husband recently bought a 32” Sony Bravia LED Smart TV. He actually wanted a larger TV monitor, but I dissuaded him from doing so because our small condo unit will look even more congested with a huge TV in our tiny living room. Because this Sony Bravia uses LEDs (light emitting diodes), it is more energy-efficient than our old plasma television. We also didn’t need to buy a cable converter for this Sony Bravia LED TV because it’s already cable-ready.

That wasn’t the case with our old plasma television. We had to buy a cable converter, not once, but twice, so we could watch cable channels. Unfortunately for us, both cable converters broke down. It also didn’t help that the remote control of our old television wasn’t functioning normally. These were the reasons why my husband finally decided to replace our 4-year-old 32″ Hyundai plasma tv.

My husband and son, both TV fanatics, now enjoy watching DVDs and their favorite shows on our new TV. I can’t really blame them because the picture resolution is so crisp and clear. It would have been even better if our Sony Bravia LED Smart TV has powered subwoofers. I’m not really asking for more, though. For now, what we have is more than enough.

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