Develop and Improve Your Child’s Memory

There are so many amazing benefits to possessing a strong memory. A good memory can help you retain facts when you are learning brand new concepts that may be complex in nature. This really eases the process of understanding and grasping ideas. A strong memory can help you deliver a speech or presentation to an audience without the reliance of aids, which is an impressive feat. This also means that possessing a strong memory can help your career prospects, as you can impress an entire boardroom panel, for example, when delivering an important presentation. Having a strong memory helps your entire life operate more efficiently, as it reduces the probability that you will lose things or have to rely on guesswork. Perhaps the most important benefit associated with having a strong memory is that it can translate to increased self-confidence. Those who remember details fast can complete tasks efficiently and this productivity really translates to greater self-confidence. Employers will recognize and acknowledge this productivity in the workplace.

Of course, you want your child to enjoy all these extraordinary advantages associated with having a strong memory. There are some important measures you can take to help develop and improve your child’s memory.

Play Memory Games

If you want to strengthen your child’s memory, you may want to encourage playtime with some great memory games. Card matching games that feature a deck of cards laid face down with two identical cards that your child must pair up are excellent for memory building. Your child can begin by picking two cards and if they are not a match, these cards must be laid face down once again. The game ends when all the identical pairs have been matched. You can also play pattern memorization games for memory boosting purposes.

Repetition Is Key

Repetition is so important in promoting the memory growth of your child. Read your child the same bedtime story each night before he or she goes to bed. After a few weeks, ask your child questions pertaining to the story such as “What does the rabbit do next?” You can also have your child listen to the same songs or nursery rhymes for an extended period of time. After a few weeks, ask your child to try to recite the song by memory. If your child performs well, reward him or her with praise or a small gift.

Memory-Boosting Foods

There are some powerful memory boosting foods you can incorporate in your child’s diet to boost his/her memory and brainpower. It is very important that you prepare breakfast for your child, as this will help him or her get the day off to a great start. Studies have shown that oatmeal is a great memory boosting food. Oatmeal contains a combination of carbohydrates, fiber and protein, all of which are very important in a balanced diet. Celery and spinach are excellent greens that will also help boost your child’s memory. Celery contains potassium, which plays a vital role in maintaining the overall electrical conductivity of the brain. This mineral is associated with enhanced memory and learning. A fascinating study conducted on laboratory rats revealed that spinach can prevent and reverse memory loss. This may be due to green’s high folic acid content. Broccoli is another excellent source of folic acid that you should prepare for your child. Black beans are an excellent source of Thiamin, a B vitamin that enhances memory and cognitive function. Almonds have L-carnitine which helps release acetylcholine, which is essential for a strong memory.

Emphasize the Importance of Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 40 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. What’s even more troubling is that 70 million Americans, including many children, do not receive enough sleep each night, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of Health. A good night’s sleep triggers positive changes in the brain, which promote a strong memory. Get your children in bed early and make sure they are getting plenty of sleep.

It is a sheer myth that one’s memory cannot be improved. Memory and brainpower can be improved just like muscles can – through proper training, appropriate foods and sufficient sleep. Your child will be thankful you took these steps.

Samantha Edwards is a proud wife and mother of a young boy, web content coordinator for Samantha has followed these steps to help develop her son’s memory.

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