Thanks to JOHNSON’S® Play Days, My Son Now Looks Forward to Bath Time!

Before, it would take a while before we could make my son go to the bathroom for his bath time. Since last week, however, my almost 6-year-old son looks forward to taking a bath in the morning and at night. He’s even the one asking us what time he’s going to take a bath. That’s because he discovered a bath buddy that he really liked: JOHNSON’S® Baby Cooling Bath.

He says his skin feels cool whenever he uses JOHNSON’S Baby Cooling Bath. He also likes its clean, fresh scent. My son sweats a lot, and he sweats more than usual lately because it’s summer. That makes him susceptible to prickly heat rash, which I’m trying to avoid. Now I don’t have to worry about that because JOHNSON’S Baby Cooling Bath has natural honeysuckle that refreshes skin and helps prevent prickly heat.

Incidentally, JOHNSON’S Baby Cooling Bath is part of JOHNSON’S new advocacy campaign, JOHNSON’S® Play Days, this summer 2012. JOHNSON’S extends help to moms by means of three complete product platforms suitable for active, growing kids:

1. No Bungang Araw
2. Walang Lagkit Feeling
3. No Amoy-Araw.

Sa alagang JOHNSON’S®, Laro Buong Araw!


JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder Skin Protection has zinc oxide, a proven anti-bacterial agent, and magnesium stearate that repels wetness. This unique formulation helps fight rashes and prevents them from coming back.


JOHNSON’S® Walang Lagkit Feeling Range features the following products:
• JOHNSON’S® Baby Cooling Bath with honeysuckle
• JOHNSON’S® Baby Cooling Powder with honeysuckle that cools the skin in less than 1 minute
• JOHNSON’S® Baby Tumble Cologne a refreshing fragrance that gives an energizing after-bath feeling.


Moms who want their kids to keep smelling fresh should try JOHNSON’S® No Amoy Araw Range featuring the following products:
• JOHNSON’S® Baby Slide & Bounce Cologne with a sweet and fruity fragrance
• JOHNSON’S® Baby Summer Peach Bath with Vitamin E and the natural essence of Peach Leaf
• JOHNSON’S® Baby Pink Blossoms Powder with long-lasting fragrance.

JOHNSON’S also introduces its Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion.

JOHNSON’S® Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion protects children’s sensitive skin from the sun. It offers wide sun protection because it contains special ingredients that can block as much as 90% of the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays. It has a Clinically-Proven Mild® formula that is light and non-greasy, which makes it safe and comfortable for everyday use.

To know more about JOHNSON’S® Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion, visit:

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