Fun Day at Fun Ranch!

We left the house very early last Saturday, May 19, 2012 to go to ADB Clinic to get our annual flu shot. We didn’t have anything planned afterwards, but we wanted to go somewhere different but near, a place that will keep the little boy preoccupied. This was also his reward for not crying while getting his flu vaccine. The little boy couldn’t contain his excitement when we told him we’re going to Fun Ranch.

He fished, rode a bumper car, ate cotton candy, played mini golf, raced, and had his picture taken (with Mommy) at the wishing well.


He caught a lot of fish. He actually mastered this skill already because he’s doing the same at Whiz Minds CAMP. He was supposed to receive a gift item for having caught the most number of fish, but the one who’s giving the prize wasn’t around yet.

Riding a bumper car

He didn’t like the loud music of this bumper car. Only when he discovered that he could switch off the loud sound did he enjoy his bumper car ride.

Eating cotton candy

He liked to eat everything, but I forbid him to, knowing that cotton candy is too sweet. Would you believe it took him 3 days to finish this small plastic container of cotton candy? Blame it on this strict Mommy! Lol!

Playing mini golf at Family Fun Zone

This was a bit expensive, Php100.00 for 20 minutes. He actually finished all 9 holes in less than 10 minutes, and he was bored already.

Formula racing

This was what he liked the most! Red was his choice of color for his race car. He actually wanted to race with other kids, but he was the only one there when we bought his tickets. Having an imaginative mind, I was sure my son was wondering if the red car he’s riding uses Ingersoll rand air compressors.

At the wishing well

Finally, after several requests, the little boy agreed to have our picture taken at the wishing well.

The little boy truly enjoyed this day despite the sweltering heat. I also like days like this when I’m not thinking about work, family expenses, or whatnot. This is what I call living in the moment.

Fun Ranch
Frontera Verde Complex
Ortigas Avenue corner C5
Pasig City
Telephone No.: (02) 706-3019; (02) 706-2887

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8 Responses to Fun Day at Fun Ranch!

  1. that looks really fun!

    our boys are really growing, we now need to make several requests before they pose for a picture with us…haynaku, time flies really fast!

    hope you can check the kid’s food choice

  2. Pie says:

    Your fun getaway with your son just makes me excited when my tot already grows up like him.


  3. Hazel says:

    Cotton candy is so attractive to kids. Glad you ended up with something fun when you didn’t plan anything after an appointment.

  4. Chris says:

    we had our flu shot last April and my 5 year old still cried… even my 8 year old!! 😛 well, i can see it was a truly fun day for Justin!! 🙂

  5. janakidiary says:

    Fun ranch is such a happy place for kids. My kids kept asking when we are coming back here 🙂

  6. Fun Ranch says:

    Many thanks for sharing your Fun Ranch experience.:)

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