Faux Wood Blinds for Our Bedroom

I’ve been a work-at-home mom (WAHM) since 2008. My workplace is in one corner of our bedroom, and I work with my back facing our bedroom window. This means that the sun shines directly into our bedroom, which also means that I get to absorb all the heat that the sun gives off in the morning and afternoon. That doesn’t really bother me when the weather is cold. What I can’t tolerate is the extreme hotness of summer, like what we’ve been having lately. The summer heat is bearing down on me, and this negatively affects my work productivity.

These days, I find myself sweating profusely from mid- to late-afternoon despite having the air conditioner on. I don’t think our cotton curtains do a good job of preventing the heat from entering our bedroom. I wonder if replacing our curtains with faux wood blinds would do the trick. Does anyone have a better idea how we can prevent the sun from entering our bedroom so I can work more comfortably and effectively at home?

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