Essential Driving Tips for Pregnant Women

Being a mother is an exciting phase in a woman’s life. Before I became pregnant, I worry too much about little things, such as what to cook for dinner, what to wear to work the next day, or how to repair leather furniture. When I became pregnant, however, all I ever thought about was my unborn child’s safety and well-being. I was extra careful with what I ate and drank, what medications I took, what I applied on my body, etc. That’s because I wanted to deliver a normal and healthy baby.

I didn’t drive a car while I was pregnant because we didn’t have a car, and even if we did, I wouldn’t be able to drive because of my eye problems. But for pregnant moms who drive, Ford Motor Company shares six essential driving tips for a smooth and enjoyable ride ahead.

Tip #1: Adjust the seats to avoid pressuring the uterus.

Make sure that there is enough room between the steering wheel and the belly when driving. This will avoid further injuries and possible collisions in the future. This will also give a more comfortable sitting position for pregnant women, allowing enough space and room for the belly. Note however, to make sure to have an upright sitting position, allowing your feet to have just the right amount of reach to the foot brake, clutch and gas pedal.

Tip #2: Wear the seatbelt correctly to avoid pressuring the uterus.

The seatbelt should be strapped right underneath the belly, while the chest belt should go comfortably across the chest, not putting it behind your arms or your back. This will prevent more serious injuries when encountering road collisions.

Tip #3: Choose a car with airbags to provide sufficient protection when encountering a crash collision.

Make sure to purchase vehicles that are equipped with airbags installed as a safety standard. Car manufacturer, Ford makes it a benchmark to put safety in the forefront when producing quality vehicles by having the latest and best-in-class safety features.

Tip #4: Choose a car that can link to any kinds of phones with Bluetooth so that drivers can directly talk to friends via in-car connection equipments.

This reduces the risk of accidents caused by the use of mobile phones while driving. With Ford’s latest technology; Bluetooth Voice Command Control, it allows the drivers to make hands-free calls for a more comfortable and safe drive on the road.

Tip #5: Drive peacefully and avoid fierce driving as it may cause great instability to the uterus.

A handful of women on the road admit to losing their patience and cool due to the traffic jams all over the metro. To ensure the utmost safety, drive with ease and follow all road signs and regulations. This will reduce the risk of unwanted accidents. Remember, regulations are there for a purpose. It would be best to follow them and to be a safe and smart driver, rather than to be a reckless one.

Tip #6: Only drive when necessary; do not drive on unfamiliar roads.

It is always best to have a designated driver to drive for you during pregnancy. It is also best to avoid unfamiliar roads that may put your safety at risk, especially when driving during late at night or during the early hours of the morning.

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