Karate-do Summer Class

Justin requested to play at Whiz Minds CAMP (Center for Music and Play) at Robinsons Galleria two weeks ago. This is where he took his painting class last summer. I checked Whiz Minds’ list of summer classes and asked my son if he wanted to learn karate-do and he said okay, so I enrolled him. I paid Php2850 for six sessions with an option to continue until 12 sessions for an additional Php2150. Their karate-do class started last week, but we only got his uniform last Wednesday, so that’s when mommy’s camera starting clicking. The uniform cost Php1300, by the way.

My Karate Kid! Class has not started yet; that’s why he was still at the play area

He goes to class every Wednesdays; class starts at 4pm and ends at 5:30pm. And here’s what they did the other day.

My son is an energetic child. He needed an outlet to channel his energy and put it to good use, and karate-do is our best option right now. I also wanted him to learn how to protect himself from bullies in preparation for his entry to big school this coming June. Karate-do is also a form of healthy exercise that will help him develop strength and stamina, plus it helps build self-discipline, self-esteem and self-confidence.

After class, he stayed until 8pm at Whiz Minds CAMP to play; that’s when his Dad fetched him to go home and have dinner. I asked him how his class went, and he said his left knee and his nape hurt. Nope, those were not side effects of alpha t1, but what a first-time karate-do student normally experiences after the first few sessions.

He felt okay when he woke up yesterday morning, and he’s already looking forward to wearing his karate-do uniform next Wednesday and to using his unlimited play privileges at Whiz Minds CAMP after class, which is part of the package.

Are your kids enrolled in summer class, too?

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14 Responses to Karate-do Summer Class

  1. Hazel says:

    A karate kid indeed! What the kid learns from the activity, those values, are worth the price Mommy pays. Thanks for posing that question. I’m off to confirm my kiddo’s summer activities. Heard it’s some art and extra reading classes. Should be good to overlap his biking all day everyday.

  2. awww! Justin looks so excited to learn new karati tricks, wtg! little man, you will love it 🙂 Dropping by from Happiness Is…Sis, btw, I am old liker of your FB page and followed your NetworkedBlogs, can you please do the same. Thanks….

  3. chubskulit says:

    That’s a nice activity this summer! Visiting from Mommy MOments.

  4. dorry lyn says:

    good luck karate kid!.. nice choice of sports.. very useful one.

    my happiness is here – http://www.dickvincedorry.blogspot.com/2012/04/vinces-first-day-of-school.html

  5. Mai says:

    Whiz Minds CAMP seems to be an awesome place. love to see Justin enjoying so much. None of my kids are in summer camp right now, but they’re still finding so many things to do and enjoying summer as much as they can.

    Hope you can drop by our post. I have an issue that I would like to get your opinion on. Thanks, sis!


  6. thanks for the visit, hope to you around soon…

  7. Mel C. says:

    ay wow, may karate kid ka pala mommy. ako din, gusto ko rin si George maging karate kid 🙂 visiting from happiness is..

  8. anney says:

    He looks supercute sa karate uniform nya!

    Happiness is…
    Lunch at Clawdaddy’s

  9. Adin B says:

    That is awesome! I have always wanted to try karate class, but never got around to it. I still want to though. hehehe… Look at your one karate kid! 🙂 Great exercise and great discipline as well. Visiting late via Happiness Is.

  10. janakidiary says:

    Justin looks so cute in his uniform. My little girl is getting into swimming classes this weekend. Parents really need to think of summer activities for the kids since this is the best time for them to learn something more than school work 🙂

  11. KM says:

    Hi Tetcha! Thanks for linking up your Karate-Kid-in-the-making post to Happiness Is. Mukhang nag-e-enjoy talaga ang kiddo, and that’s good workout for him too 😉 Nga pala, I’m really sorry ngayon lang ako nakadalaw sa entry mo. Medyo busy ako sa work, hindi gano makahirit mag blog 🙁 By the way, ikaw din ang happy blogger for last week. Heto gagawin ko na ang post – censya na talaga medyo delayed na. Hope to see you again for this week’s Happiness Is round, ha? Take care!

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  13. Leah H. says:

    Oh, boy! He look so cute in his Karate uniform:)

    Visiting for Happiness- hope you can stop by:)

  14. Chris says:

    my son is enrolled in a 3-in-1 summer sports camp. 🙂

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