I Want My Own Hair Straightener!

I used to have long hair, but I had my hair cut short before I got married. I guess I did it on purpose; that’s because I was heading for a fresh start and getting prepared for a busier life at home. And I think I made the right decision. Since my hair was straight and short, it was very easy to manage. I didn’t even have to blow-dry my hair. I just let my hair dry naturally using a wide-tooth comb. I have maintained the same hairstyle and hair length since then with hair color change every once in a while.

When I started attending blog events, I wanted to make my hair look more presentable. When I have time and when the occasion is special, I usually go to the beauty salon in the lobby of our building to have my hair fixed. “Fixing my hair” simply means straightening my hair with a flat iron. This is to remove flyaway hair and to make my hair look smooth and silky.

Photo source: ghdhair.com

I now realize I want my own hair straightener at home. This will save me money in the long run as I don’t need to pay for this particular hair service each time I’m attending a special event. Can you suggest a place to find the best hair straightener?

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  1. hello! I bought mine at Watsons. The brand is Revlon, its 5 years already and still working well. What i love about it is it doesn’t make my hair dry unlike under cheaper hair straighthener.

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