At the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center!

We went to SM Mall of Asia last April 7, Black Saturday, and one of the unplanned things we did was to visit the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center (NFSDC). I really wanted the little boy to see what’s inside the “first technology-based premiere science center” in the Philippines.

We availed of the Supernova All-day Pass, which included 2 Planetarium shows, 1 Php50 gamecard in Game Zone, 1 storytelling session and 1-day pass at NFSDC. We paid Php330 for each adult and Php300.00 for our 5-year-old son.

Our little boy in multicoloured striped shirt enjoying Gesturetek

Found on the first level of NFSDC is Gesturetek. Here the players can move around and interact with different 3D virtual environments using simple body movements. Our son played soccer and volleyball here.

Having fun at the Flight Simulator!

Then we went to the Flight Simulator. Our son enjoyed this so much! He liked the virtual experience of flying his own airplane.

Our next stop was the Grossology station. “Grossology” is “the (impolite) science of the human body. Here you can find (1) Burp Man who tells how burping happens, (2) Urine: The Game which shows how the kidneys work, (3) Sniff Sniff which allows you to smell the odors that some parts of our body make, (4) Patients Please where kids can learn the parts of the body by removing them from the game table without touching the sides of the holes, (5) Vomit Center where you can try to guess the correct “process” order by pressing buttons to make the barf guy BARF, and (6) Let’s Play Grossology where you may test your Grossness I.Q.

Justin operating on his patient

Justin had his picture taken with Astroboy at the Robots Inc Gallery, too!

The little boy with Astroboy!

The little boy also joined the storytelling session at the Bedtime Gallery, but he didn’t stay long there because the Planetarium shows were about to begin.

Storytelling session at the Bedtime Gallery

At the DigiStar Planetarium watching “One World, One Sky.” Before this, we watched “Wonders of the Universe.”

Finally, father and son had to use our free Game Zone cards.

The little boy had a fun and educational afternoon at the NFSDC. He said he wants to go back there again.

The Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center is open 7 days a week from 10:00am to 8:00pm.

Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center
South Side, Entertainment Building
SM Mall of Asia,
Pasay City

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15 Responses to At the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center!

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  2. chubskulit says:

    How exciting, such a fun activity for all ages. Here for Mommy Moments.

  3. Rovie says:

    Ang saya naman… The activities are surely fun and exciting for your little one…

    Here for Happiness Is…

  4. Clarissa says:

    Nice photo with the Astroboy!We haven’t tried watching a planetarium but we hope that we could visit soon!Interesting activities your family have enjoyed^_^

    Thanks for dropping by and for leaving a comment,really appreciate it^_^

    Enjoy your weekend dear!

  5. Chris says:

    we went there a few years ago and the kids had fun!:D it is great to see your family enjoyed it as well!

  6. we were there and the kid also enjoyed the place…funny how he was able to understand a lot about our body through the grossology section…

    here for Mommy Moments and Happiness is…you might wanna check churches and history

  7. wow mukhang exciting and enjoying ang educational tour na yan.. want to go there too sometime..

    thanks for dropping by:)

  8. anney says:

    Such a wonderful experience! Di lang enjoyablel, marami pang matututunan ang mga bata dito!

    Happiness is
    Summer Shopping

  9. EINz says:

    Thanks for sharing! We are planning to go there this month.

  10. KM says:

    Wow, sounds like a lot of fun! And pretty cheap too ;). Even I would enjoy in that museum 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this over at Happiness Is. See you there again for another round of happy posts ^^

  11. Rosemarie says:

    Such a wonderful experience for the little boy, Visiting for for Happiness is, mine is up at

    see you around!!!!

  12. that looks fun to do with your son Sis 🙂 nothing the beats the HAPPINESS especially when spending a wonderful time with the family 🙂 beautiful pictures too 🙂 Dropping by from Happiness Is

  13. cheerful says:

    he had so much fun i bet…and thanks for sharing it, kapag nakauwe ulit kami ng pinas, i will try to bring my kids there! they enjoyed planetarium here, so i am sure they will have tons of happiness din dyan. visiting late from happiness is…hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great week. 🙂

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