Work Considerations

I consider a lot of things before accepting a job offer. First and foremost, do I like the work that they’re giving me? Second, will my salary be commensurate with the duties and responsibilities that my job demands? Third, will they provide a safe and healthy work environment?

First, I can’t stay long in a job that I don’t enjoy doing because sooner or later, I’ll get bored and burned out. Second, I need a job that enables me to fulfill my share of household expenses. Finally, I won’t last a day in a workplace that has too much occupational hazards because I’ll be putting myself in great danger.

People who work with oils or petroleum products, for instance, should be given extra protection while on the job. Aside from ensuring that these workers wear the proper safety gear, heir employers should also protect these employees against accidents by making sure they have spill kits and replacement parts available at all times.

What about you? What things do you consider before accepting a job offer?

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