How My Son Became Rash-free

If there’s one thing that my 5-year-old son got from me, it’s his sensitive skin. I remember when he was still a baby, we bought a small carpet that we placed in our living room. He loved sitting and playing on this carpet, but after a few days, I noticed rough and dry skin irritations on his arms.

My son also peed so much at night when he was an infant up to the time he was circumcised, which was just last year, September 24, 2011 to be exact. A heavy wet diaper would greet us every morning when he woke up, and diaper rash was not uncommon, too.

I am not a mom who takes things lightly especially when it comes to my son’s health and well-being. I took my son to his pediatrician in both instances, and in both cases, I was prescribed expensive medications for his skin problems.

It was only last year that I discovered Rashfree from Unilab when they gave away loot bags to mommy blogers who attended PMC’s Second Grand Eyeball in Pasay City.

Rashfree, suggested retail price Php150.00

Rashfree™ contains zinc oxide, which is considered a skin protectant. Zinc oxide soothes the skin and prevents it from coming into direct contact with external irritants. It also promotes normal skin healing process. Rashfree is used to prevent and treat diaper rash. It also promotes healing of minor skin irritations, non-infected wounds and burns, abrasions, cuts, chafed skin and sunburn.

Because my son stopped wearing diapers at night after he was circumcised, he doesn’t suffer from diaper rash anymore. These days, I use Rashfree on my son when he has non-infected abrasions, cuts and chafed skin. For only Php150.00, my son’s skin is safe and protected.

How do you keep your children rash-free?

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12 Responses to How My Son Became Rash-free

  1. WAHMaholic says:

    svet thankfully doesn’t have sensitive skin, but she does get the occasional rash. for that i also use rashfree! it’s the most effective product i’ve tried for svet’s rashes so far 🙂

  2. I have that on my medicine cabinet! Rashfree saves the day!

  3. Dens says:

    Hmm?! seems like a good way to fight rashes. I’m going to get one today!

  4. Kat says:

    I’ve been prescribed expensive ointments and creams too but it seems the rash and chafed skin on my little girl doesn’t go away. Maybe it’s time to get my Rashfree from my loot and try it today. Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope it will work on my daughter too.

  5. levyousa says:

    My son’s skin is sensitive too, so when he was still a baby, creams for diaper rash were always within our reach. Rashfree is cheap ha…. yung brand yata na prescribed ng pedia namin dati is around 200+ na

  6. That’s an interesting product. I think I have to ask my pedia about that too. Visiting from PB sis! Happy birthday!! 🙂

  7. rain says:

    My youngest is already 8 years old. 🙂 Life would have been easier for my kid then had I known this product 8 years ago. 🙂

  8. Interesting…can this be used on the face?

  9. Jinkee Umali says:

    I make it a point to be “clean in everything” to avoid those rashes and taught them how to be clean also. Maybe that is the reason did not experience rashes with my three kids now they are grown ups…

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  11. I think I will buy Rash Free soon. Enough of the expensive ointment cos my daughter’s rashes keeps coming back anyway.

  12. Mommy Pehpot says:

    I am just lucky that 3 out of my 4 kids are does not have sensitive skin.. only my third boy has.. but it’s rashes that he’s experiencing, dermatitis.. kaya we used an ointment too to prevent his skin from flaking

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