Mommy Moments: School Christmas Production

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We were at the Tektite Auditorium of the Philippine Stock Exchange Building last Saturday, December 10, 2011 to watch our son’s school Christmas production entitled “Where Is Santa?” All of the students from toddlers to kindergartners were included in this magical Christmas show.

This was really a proud moment for us because our son was the one assigned to lead the invocation. Below is a video of Justin reciting the prayer.

And here are some pictures taken during the show. Note: The photos were taken at bad angle because the middle aisle and the front area were off-limits to parents. That’s because they hired official photographers for the show.

Morning kindergartner class performing “We Need a Little Christmas”

All the students performing the finale

Justin’s lolo, Mommy, Justin and Daddy

Photo opp with Santa Claus

The children had a grand time showing their singing and dancing prowess, while the parents, grandparents and yayas were all so happy and proud watching these little ones perform on stage.

Now, we’re all looking forward to their graduation show.

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9 Responses to Mommy Moments: School Christmas Production

  1. Full force ang family for Justin! I’m sure you were all very proud of him when he went on stage.

    Next school year, I’ll be experiencing stuff like these, too! *excited* 😀

  2. Clarissa says:

    Way to go,Justin!!Well done!^_^

    You have a reason to be proud of,Mommy Tetcha.Ang galing galaing nya^_^

    Thank you very much for dropping by and for commenting!

    Have a nice day^_^

  3. indeed a Mommy Moment, Mommy Tetcha!I am guardian of my 2 nephews and 1 niece (parents based in Barcelona) and when the youngest performed in their Christmas show last year I got misty-eyed seeing him perform…how much more if it’s going to be my own daughter..I know that’s exactly how you feel…

    Happy MM!

  4. Chris says:

    merry Christmas Tetcha! May your family have a good and memorable Christmas this year!~ 🙂

  5. mjrodriguez says:

    Must have been a proud Mommy Moment for you. I liked that your child spoke with confidence and clarity. Ang galing nya! Most children would probably be very shy.

    Visiting from MM.

  6. Jac says:

    Justin reciting the prayer is so touching … Advance Merry Christmas mommy Tetcha…

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