Mommy Moments: Harmonica Fever!

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I’ve written in one of my previous posts that my 5-year-old son is fond of playing musical toy instruments. He has a toy xylophone and drum sets at home. Well, those are all that’s left of his musical toy instruments. He used to have a guitar, flute and xylophone, but they didn’t last long. LOL! Last October, he asked me if he could have a harmonica. I have no intention of buying him one because he has lots of toys already, but a fairy godmother heard my little boy’s plea, and last October 20, this cool-looking First Act Discovery harmonica was delivered to our doorstep.

The little boy was ecstatic! He was blowing on this harmonica all day long. He simply couldn’t keep his hands off his shiny and sleek new toy! What’s great about this harmonica is that it comes with an instructional booklet, which identifies the steps to playing the harmonica and gives lessons on music notation, playing chords and moving positions. This harmonica is light and tiny, perfect for my son’s small hands.

“Music inspires learning” is written on the cover of the instructional booklet. I really believe it’s true. Did you know that music helped bring out Albert Einstein’s real genius? Einstein himself said that the reason he was so smart was because he played the violin. According to his friend G.J. Withrow, Einstein dealt with problems and equations by improvising on the violin. (Source:

Do you allow your kids to play musical toy instruments, too?

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10 Responses to Mommy Moments: Harmonica Fever!

  1. Hazel says:

    I just don’t allow it. I encourage it 🙂 It feels great to watch a kid enjoying a useful, entertaining activity.

  2. Shydub says:

    buti pa si justin knows how to play harmonica. my MIL bought a piano for jake and we also have couple of recorder for both of them. imagine nlng kung gaano kaingay minsan kweba namin hehe

  3. tatess says:

    Mucis inspire learning is true .Your little boy is enjoying his harmonica . i like it when children loves to play musical instruments or into music . My eldest is into music too.

  4. adelbert says:

    The boy is so cute playing with the harmonica, I hope you hone that skill very well and become a professional someday!

    Zero Dramas

  5. Rcel says:

    Wow, he may become the youngest harmonica player, mommy! go for it! hehe… i remember my uncle who is so good at harmonica. i told my daughter about him and now she can’t wait to meet him in person! 🙂

  6. Kai Xi says:

    Harmonica! That is so cool! My daughter has one too (but now she’s so lazy)! Have fun learning with music!

  7. Cookie says:

    aba! musically-inclined ata yung baby mo. and yeah, music also helps brain development. I’ll look something like this for my kiddo 🙂

    was here for MM. Happy Sunday!

  8. mjrodriguez says:

    My eldest plays the piano and the violin. My youngest has not shown signs of wanting to pick up any instruments but maybe in the near future. I am very musically inclined so I always try to incorporate music in our lives 🙂 It’s good that your son has the desire to play music. This should definitely be encouraged. You never know, he could turn out to be the next big superstar!

  9. Chris says:

    yes, music can inspire.. and as much as possible, i would allow my kids to play musical instruments too.

  10. wow that’s cool Mommy!I think most kids will not choose to learn to play the harmonica-indeed your son is a wonder boy!go go go!

    Actually as early as now, I am trying to get a hint on what possible musical intrument will my daughter like to play/learn in the future because I really like her to learn/to play at least one. ndi nmn demanding,hehe

    visiting for MM! I have also shared an award with you as well

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