Mommy Moments: My First Treadmill Exercise Stress Test

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Last November 5, 2011, I finally had my first Treadmill Exercise Stress Test done at the Heart Station of Makati Medical Center (MMC). I said “finally” because this has long been overdue, two months overdue, to be exact. Blame that on my busy work schedule. LOL! Nope, I don’t have a heart problem. My cardiologist just wanted to check the effect of exercise on my heart.

Treadmill Exercise Stress Test provides information on adequacy of blood and circulation of oxygen of the heart during physical stress. The procedure may also reveal important abnormalities of heart rhythm and blood pressure.

While doing the test, ECG electrodes were attached to my body. My heart rate and blood pressure were being monitored, too. I was only able to finish four out of seven stages because I was already running out of breath then. My total exercise duration was 12 minutes.

The results showed no abnormalities in my heart. The results also revealed that my exercise capacity is high. Thank heavens!

And do you know what I was thinking as soon as I finished doing my first Treadmill Exercise Stress Test? Nope, it’s not the research I needed to do on rv loans. The treadmill test made me really hungry, and I was actually looking forward to our “second breakfast” that day. Our destination was MMC’s Floating Island Restaurant. You can check out our gastronomic adventure here.

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8 Responses to Mommy Moments: My First Treadmill Exercise Stress Test

  1. tatess says:

    Health is Wealth .dapat talaga maingat tayo sa mga kinakain and regular exercise

  2. clarizze says:

    thanks for reading my post about my dad. thanks for the sweet message.

    and, geez! thanks for letting me know about this treadmill test thingy. i had ECG july, i think, it was normal, though. i must say i want to take this test because most of the times i get heartburn.

  3. Rcel says:

    That sounds fun, and enduring, may be? Lol. I always felt walking on a treadmill for 2o minutes is very enduring for me. Haha. I know, I am so lazy! Congratulations on having a healthy heart! 🙂

    Dropping by for Mommy Moments!

    A Pedi for a Stressed Mommy

  4. Alimrn71 says:’s a good thing that we find time to get a regular check ups even if we are not sick. Health is as precious as our family, so go visit your doctors, do bloodworks etc before its too late <3

  5. good thing you have a “good heart”!hehe

    thanks for reminding me that we should be really conscious of our health condition and it should be a priority…

    visiting for MM!

  6. Mommy Marlyn says:

    it is important for a mom to have a good heart (literally and figuratively).. so you’ll have a longer life to take good care of your precious ones!
    thanks for visiting my site (^^)

  7. Chris says:

    good thing you were able to spend some time for your check up. health is important! :d

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