Paper Jamz Electric Guitar and Drum Set for My Budding Rock Star!

My five-year-old son loves playing with musical toy instruments. Right now, he has a toy guitar, xylophone, flute and a drum set at home. He wants me to buy him a harmonica, too. I’m not surprised that my son is musically inclined because his lolo (grandfather) used to be a drummer in a band. This explains why my son was really happy to see the Paper Jamz electric guitar and drum set delivered to our doorstep for review last Monday.

The first thing we noticed about these Paper Jamz toys is that they’re very light and super thin, so kids won’t have a hard time carrying these instruments. That’s because these instruments are made of paper and cardboard.

My son wasted no time in trying out these musical instruments. He played the electric guitar first then the drum set. You probably won’t believe it, but he was playing these instruments for 3 ½ hours straight on the day that these toys arrived! They are also the first things he looks for when he wakes up in the morning and when he comes home from school. That’s how crazy he is about these toys!

The Paper Jamz electric guitar has no strings. Instead, the guitar uses Active Graphics Technology, which allows kids to play it by simply touching the surface.

The Paper Jamz drum set plays like real drums. Its touch-sensitive sensors allow it to recognize multiple touches at once.

The Paper Jamz electric guitar and drum set have an internal speaker, three songs and four modes for jamming, namely: Perfect Play, Rhythm, Freestyle and Karaoke. Also, both instruments are ultrathin, so storing them after use won’t be a problem. These toys are ideal for boys and girls aged 8 to 12 years old.

These musical instruments are available at Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom. The electric guitar costs Php1,999.75, while the drum set costs Php1,799.75.

So, did my son enjoy playing the Paper Jamz electric guitar and drum set? Absolutely!

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9 Responses to Paper Jamz Electric Guitar and Drum Set for My Budding Rock Star!

  1. Mommy Rubz says:

    Quite expensive for my budget but sure looks cute on your budding rock star!

  2. pehpot says:

    I think my little boy will like the guitar. It’s a good toy specially if you want your kid to be musically inclined 🙂

  3. Claudette says:

    I would have to wait until my little boy came out. :p But his Daddy wants him to be a doctor, and I want him to become a lawyer. 😛 LOL! I don’t think either of us are musically inclined, so nothing to pass on to our child. But it does look like a fun toy. 🙂

  4. Hmmm…maybe I should get one for my daughter too, as she is showing a keen interest in playing the guitar 🙂

    Your son is so cute! He plays the part of a rockstar so well! He looks like a pro!

  5. levy says:

    very interesting toy! I want to buy one for my son 🙂

  6. orlan ilustre says:

    Go! Justin! enjoy what you like to do and have fun with it!…God bless you!

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