My Wish for my Nurse Niece

I have a niece who is a registered nurse, but she is now working as a pharmacy assistant in a drug store in Cavite. That’s because she wanted to start earning her own money after passing the nursing board exam. This was her first job opportunity, and she wasted no time in applying for this position.

All of us in the family, however, want her to practice her profession. She said she’s just buying some more time because she hasn’t found the right hospital to spend her nursing internship at. I also want to see her working in hospitals and caring for people in need because that’s what she studied for, plus I also want to see her wearing nursing scrubs.

She asked me before where to buy cheap scrubs, and I suggested This website offers stylish but affordable scrub pants and tops. She told me she’s glad she found this site and will recommend this to her colleagues.

I have always liked seeing doctors, nurses and other health and medical workers wearing hospital uniforms and scrubs clothing. These scrub suits make them look neat and professional. That’s the reason why I want to see my niece wearing medical scrubs.

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  1. orlan ilustre says:

    …’do hope God’s plan for her will prevail. God’s perfect time for her opportunity in the hospital will come…we just have to be patient…is she still looking for opportunities or not?…

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