Back in School!

After a week of absence from school—well, officially, three days only because classes were suspended for two days due to typhoon Pedring—my kindergartner is back in school. He had been absent this long because he was circumcised two Saturdays ago (September 24). He was actually ready to go to school last Thursday, but I made him stay home for two more days to know what his pediatric urologist will say on his first follow-up checkup after circumcision last Saturday (October 1).

My five-year-old’s recovery from circumcision was quite fast, and I took the liberty of recording his progress for one week.

Saturday – Circumcision was done; we started giving him paracetamol for pain and applying Bactroban Ointment on his wound.
Sunday – He could still feel pain, but this was normal.
Monday – His Dad removed the bandage around the circumcision site.
Tuesday – I gave him a bath, and he started wearing pajamas again.
Wednesday – He could dance and jump.
Thursday – He could wear briefs.
Friday – He was his old self again.
Saturday – This was his first follow-up checkup after circumcision and the first time after circumcision that he was able to play at Tom’s World again.

His doctor told us to continue applying Bactroban Ointment on his circumcision wound for another week and to go back to his clinic after a month.

That’s one medical problem solved. Now, seeing these audiologist jobs being advertised in the Internet reminds me that I need to take my son to an ear doctor, too, to have his deep ear wax removed. I learned that deep ear wax can cause pain and irritation, noise in the ear or even hearing loss.

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