Mommy Moments: Earth-friendly Tips

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It’s good that my son and his classmates are now being taught in school that they need to protect Mother Earth. This makes them realize that our planet is fragile, and we should do our part to help save it from further destruction.

At home, we also teach our five-year-old son little things to contribute to the cause of preserving our precious planet. Here’s what we do:

1. We recycle papers. The press kits that I received from blog events I’ve attended in the past are used for Justin’s artworks. Recycling is a great way to help save money in the house. Instead of using clean bond paper for artworks at home, we recycle used paper instead.

Our son proudly showing off the work that he and his Ate did using recycled paper.

2. We make Justin use glass when brushing his teeth. He knows that there are other people who are experiencing water shortage, so he should learn to conserve water for their benefit. Conserving water at home means smaller water bill for us, too.

3. Justin always throws his trash in the trash can. He sees the news on TV, and we tell him that floods are caused by the garbage that people throw anywhere.

4. We give away used toys and clothes and whatever things that others will find useful. This way, we eliminate the need for waste in our home, plus we get to help others, too.

5. We don’t throw away leftover food. We reheat them and eat them again to reduce food waste and to save money.

Care to share your earth-friendly tips?

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