Choosing the Right Party Dress For You

You’re getting giddy and excited about a party your good friend is throwing a week from now. You know for sure that she has invited all the best and fun people in town and yet there’s just one thing dampening your mood—you do not have anything to wear! Well, in strictest sense, you really do but let’s just say that it’s not THE party dress you have in mind. Picking the right garb is taxing and frustrating when you’re not keen on what you really want. I am no authority but I hope to sound sensible and realistic.

What’s your size? Whether we admit it or not, size really matters. It’s your make that gives life and form to the dress and not the other way around. But this doesn’t mean that you need to sweat it all out just because you happen to be a few sizes up of what others see as norm. The key here is to know your size and shape for you to work around which style, cut, and fabric will work best for you. Remember that fabrics should skim not cling. A loose dress is as bad as a tight one.

What’s my style? This will definitely help you in picking out which dress suits you. Most of us will go by what’s in season without much thinking if the dress is a reflection of your personal style. In-season or designer a dress may be, but if it is not your style, pulling it off could certainly be a feat.

Do I get to wear this again? Pardon me for raining on your parade but a “rain check” is in order if the dress of your dreams is way beyond your means. Many of us, me included, have fallen in this trap at one point in our lives. There are a dozen excuses to covet and buy that dress, just as there are a dozen reasons not to. Try to think things through, process your fascination and fixation, and then open that pocketbook of yours. Is it a go or no?

What’s the occasion? This is where your thinking-through should start from. Know what the occasion will be and the appropriate attire it asks for. Remember what granny used to say before about being over and underdressed? Well, it still remains true until now.

Choosing a party dress should be as fun as the social gathering you’re attending. It should not pain and hamper you from having a blast because you’re too self-conscious and getting green with envy over other girls’. Simple these tricks may be, but they may do you wonders!

Dominique is a freelance content writer who loves fashion and design. She also writes about gallakjoler and shares some tips on finding the perfect party dress.

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