Be a Responsible Credit Card Holder

I got my very first credit card a year after being employed by a litigation coding company. The first thing I bought with that credit card was a Sony karaoke. It was a dream come true for me because I love singing; actually, my whole family loves to sing. I had that card for only a few years. I gave it up because I wanted a higher credit limit, so I applied for a Citibank credit card.

I’ve been a Citibank cardholder for 16 years now, but I never miss a single payment. That’s probably the reason why they always increase my credit limit. My Citibank credit card is what I use to renew my blogs’ domain names, do my grocery shopping, and buy the things we need when I don’t have cash. I make sure to pay for those purchases, however, on the due date.

It’s cool to have a credit card because you can buy anything you want. What isn’t cool is not being able to pay your credit card debts to the point where the credit card company’s collection agency is hounding you to settle your dues. That is most embarrassing! The secret to using a credit card responsibly is to live within your means. Don’t buy something using your credit card that you don’t really have a budget for.

So, what’s your credit card story?

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