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Mommy Moments: Parenting Tips

I’m a first-time mom, so I’m not an expert on parenting yet, but I learned a lot about being a parent from my own parents, from books, from other people, and from my son who never ceases to amaze me. … Continue reading

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Circumcised at Five Years Old!

While I would like to see more biagi beads from beadaholique, last Saturday was not the time to do that because I had a more important task to attend to. Mommy duty beckoned because my son had to undergo a … Continue reading

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Mommy Moments: Fashion Tips

I’m no fashionista. I do not always buy the latest fashion clothes, accessories, etc. I buy what I feel comfortable wearing. That’s the same rule I apply when purchasing my five-year-old son’s shoes and clothing. I don’t worry much about … Continue reading

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Choosing the Right Party Dress For You

You’re getting giddy and excited about a party your good friend is throwing a week from now. You know for sure that she has invited all the best and fun people in town and yet there’s just one thing dampening … Continue reading

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Water Boy

Are your kids like my five-year-old son who loves playing with water? My hyperactive preschooler never runs out of water play ideas. During bath time, for instance, he gets one of his toys that he dips in the basin, pail … Continue reading

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