Summer Semester Is Almost Over!

Next week, Fall Semester in the U.S. begins. This means high volume of work for all of our company’s online writing tutors, me included. Because I’m multitasking, serving as Project Manager for our business process outsourcing company and doing online tutorials also, Fall Semester also means significantly increased workload for me. I used to dread high-essay weeks because they really stress me out, but now I’m welcoming them with open arms because it means I’m going to have a bigger paycheck, too, contrary to what I have received during the Summer Semester.

All of my savings from January to April (Spring Semester) have been used up to help with my share of expenses in our home during the Summer Semester months (May to August). One-third of my salary goes to my parents’ medical and medication needs and to the loan we took out last year for my Nanay’s coronary artery bypass graft. Oh, how many times have I thought of getting payday advance loans this Summer Semester! I’m just really glad that my days of drought will soon be over!

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3 Responses to Summer Semester Is Almost Over!

  1. RachelJoy says:

    I never did like those drought seasons…I always look forward to the harvest =)

    Cool Bean Momma

  2. Jasmin says:

    Well, people always have some problem with their finances. All we need is proper management and use of our money. 🙂

  3. big workload equals big responsibility and as a reward you got big paychecks 🙂 big cheers to all working moms for a job well done! thank you for leaving a comment on my posts.

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