House Renovation

Hubby has been hinting on having our one-bedroom condo unit renovated this December. Instead of having the walls repainted, he said he wants them wallpapered. He’s also thinking of converting part of our terrace into our son’s room, that is, if the building administrators will allow us to do it. If budget permits, I would also like a new bed for the three of us, plus new Sferra bed sheets, blankets and pillows. A bigger and a more durable shoe shelf would be a good addition to our home, too, as our three-year-old shoe rack has recently retired. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go as planned.

I wish I would have time before then to get an interior design degree online. That would be really fun, plus I can apply what I’ve learned when we’re ready to renovate our home. I’ve seen great interior design courses through Guide to Online Schools. All I need now is my husband’s consent because he’s going to pay for this.

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