False Alarm!

I found myself rushing to the Emergency Room of Makati Medical Center at around 9pm exactly two weeks ago. That’s because of a discomfort I was feeling at the back of my neck, which started at around lunch time of the same day. I thought that was heart-related. I was so scared that no funny jokes or funny shirts could make me laugh at that time.

I became paranoid then because both my parents have heart problems. My father has hypertension, and my mother underwent coronary artery bypass graft last year. Both of them are taking medications for hypertension.

My blood pressure and ECG results were okay. It turned out I was only having muscle pain, which was most likely due to my sitting position while working more than 8 hours a day in front of the computer.

I was given medication for muscle pain that I need to take three times a day for five days and mefenamic acid that I should take as needed. I stopped the medication for muscle pain after two days because I couldn’t sleep well at night and because of gastric pain.

My unfounded fear cost me almost Php2,000.00, but I was glad that it was nothing serious.

Have you had a similar experience?

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