Bigger is Beautiful

The skinny vs curves debate has been rumbling on for years and shows no signs of stopping. Lately we have welcomed the sight of celebrities such as Christina Hendricks and the triumphant returns of Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, but still the waifs lurk in the distance. Tugging on our self-esteem, causing us to wonder once again, what do men REALLY want?

What is most bothering about this question is this, why do we care? Why do we not ask, what do women like?

When it is our body under scrutiny, our own body that we live with and dress every day, why is it so important that we consider the male opinion? When was the last time you asked yourself, how do I feel about my own body? Is it really that bad if we have something to hold on to. Would you want a rock solid, bag of bones body?

One of the most shocking figures of the moment is that of once curvy girl next door, Leann Rimes. Recently she has looked slimmer and slimmer and every day, she graces the papers with her miniscule limbs and painfully toned abs insisting she just works out a lot. Just one look at those photos is enough to send most sane women running for the nearest burger and that is what we want to celebrate. Hers is a body of someone that does not eat and that can be an extremely miserable existence.

Being a plus size or curvy does not necessarily mean being unhealthy. Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous women to have ever lived and, as a size 16 at her biggest, she was considered the most beautiful woman in the world. It is about time we embraced the larger sizes again instead of trying to shy away from them. Eat well, exercise when you can and enjoy life – these are the important things.

Thankfully plus size clothing lines are on the up with retailers such as One Stop Plus ( and larger women now have a wider choice and variety of clothing to choose from instead of being stuck with frumpy, oversized, unattractive and unstylish pieces that do nothing but hide their curves. Big is beautiful and we need to remember that.

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