Stylish Grendha Jelly for the Rainy Days!

Girls will be girls! We always want to look good from head to foot, even during rainy days! But the rainy season has a way of spoiling our day: our hairs get blown away in all directions, our dresses get wet, and our shoes get all soggy, an image too far from how we want others to see us, too unstylish!

Now, I don’t think we can do anything about our messed up hair and damp clothes going to and from our office during rainy days, but there is definitely something we can do about our drab footwear. Grendha Jelly is here to save the day!

Grendha Jelly is a special line of ladies’ footwear that is feminine, youthful, romantic and sexy. It is made from quality materials, providing utmost comfort and beauty. Its wonderful colors and prints will make one stylish lady out of you, perfect for everyday wear and even during rainy days!

Grendha Jelly Desire II Fem

Grendha Jelly Romantic Fem

Grendha Jelly comes in different colors and designs, namely: Motion Desire, Romantic, Happy and Seduce. Motion Desire makes you feel sexy. Romantic gives you that sophisticated look. Grendha Jelly Happy combines the 1950s look with the modern look, while Grendha Jelly Seduce is conservative yet contemporary.

Grendha Jelly Happy II Fem

Grendha Jelly Seduce II Fem

Grendha Jelly is available in leading department stores and boutiques nationwide and is exclusively distributed by ELRO Corporation. For more information on Grendha, visit Grendha Philippines on Facebook.

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5 Responses to Stylish Grendha Jelly for the Rainy Days!

  1. Jellybelly says:

    I like the red one! I always forget about Grendha when shopping for shoes. Comfort is #1 for me.

  2. RachelJoy says:

    These are all really cute, in addition to comfort and practicality. I think I’ll get me a pair!

  3. lovely collection. perfect for rainy days!

  4. Just what I need…shoes which are comfortable and stylish at the same time. I wonder how much they cost 🙂

  5. bingkaycoy says:

    These shoes look very pretty and comfy. I wonder if there’s any Davao outlet that sells this brand.

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