Outdoor Fire Pits

When my son sees fireplaces in the homes of people we watch on TV, he would always ask me, “Mom, what do you call that” and “Why do they need that”? I would always reply with: “That’s a fireplace, baby, and they need it during winter. They need the fireplace to keep them warm during very cold days and nights.”

Although he doesn’t say it, I know he would also like to experience having a fireplace in our home, which is next to impossible. However, I’ve read about these propane fire pits somewhere, which can be placed in an outdoor patio area. I’m thinking of buying a small one and placing it in our balcony so that my son can experience having a fireplace not inside, but outside our small condo unit. We can also bring it to his grandparents’ place in Cavite to make things more fun for him.

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