Aircast Airheel Brace for High-heeled Shoe Lovers

My sister runs her own trading company. She’s in the business of selling semiconductor parts. As boss, she communicates with her Korean supplier directly for the timely delivery of her client’s orders. She’s also the one responsible for marketing her products and for getting clients’ orders.

It’s imperative that she dresses well for client meetings to impress people and to close a deal. Dressing well means wearing appropriate business attire and shoes. She’s already tall, but she still likes wearing high-heeled shoes, and they really look good on her.

It’s a given fact, however, that these types of shoes can cause heel pain, so I told her to use Aircast Airheel ankle brace to relieve her discomfort. Not only does it treat heel pain, it also cures or prevents plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

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