What You Should Know about Becoming a Sun Life Financial Advisor

I used to dread and avoid being an insurance sales agent. While I know it’s a lucrative career, I don’t think I’m cut out for that job. First, I don’t have the guts to approach people and offer my products. Second, I don’t take defeat lightly. Being turned down by a potential client, which I consider defeat, will significantly diminish my self-esteem. Suffice it to say that I’d rather be the one buying an insurance product than the one selling it.

I also used to believe that shy people, like me, will have no success in sales. Boy, was I wrong! I’ve learned from Darwin Uyco and Christine Lee of Sun Life Financial that they have a Financial Advisor, who’s the quiet type, but who is one of their top producers. Well, I might have a future in sales after all! You might want to become a Sun Life Financial Advisor, too, so here are some things you should know about this job position.

Darwin Uyco (Unit Manager, Red Iron Bark) and Christine Lee (Branch Manager, Red Spurce)

At the back: Tetcha, Pehpot and Darwin; In front: Jane, Mom-Friday, Christine, Mrs. Martinez and Rowena

What Makes a Sun Life Financial Advisor a Cut above the Rest
As a Sun Life Financial Advisor, you give your customers and their families the best chance for a rewarding and a financially free life by helping them build a solid future for their loved ones.

Sun Life Financial Advisors are also provided appropriate tools, such as:
1. monthly Kapihan sessions that give current market updates and trends
2. leadership programs for its management team to hone your leadership skills.
3. In the next 3 to 5 years, Financial Advisors will also have the privilege of taking the Certified Financial Planning Course (CFP) at the Asian Institute of Management.

What’s In Store for a Sun Life Financial Advisor
The Advantages
1. flexible work schedule
2. minimal start-up capital
3. unlimited income
4. travel benefits
5. minimal office politics
6. recognition

The Drawbacks
1. no salary scheme
2. individual or team production
3. hard work and attitude
4. top 15% of the agency force
5. office acts as pit stop
6. newspaper ads

Who Are Qualified to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor
1. Male or female, 21-35 years of age
2. College graduate
3. Filipino/foreigners with ACR/ICR
4. Driven to succeed
5. Sales background not necessary
6. With high integrity
7. People person
8. Financial background a plus, but not necessary

What Awaits Successful Candidates
1. Financial literacy
2. Training and continuing studies
3. Provident Fund – Retirement Package
4. Earnings of P100-200k or more a month
5. Cash bonuses
6. Yearly local & international travel – 100% Leisure!

Company Background
Sun Life Financial (SLF) is an international leader in protection and wealth management that operates in key markets worldwide including Canada, U.S., UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, China, Bermuda and Singapore. SLF trades on the Toronto (TSX), New York Stock (NYSE) and Philippine Stock (PSE) exchanges under the ticker symbol SLF.

SLF has been operating in the Philippines for 116 years (from 1895 to 2011), making it the oldest multi-national insurance company in the Philippines. SLF offers life insurance through Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc., mutual funds through Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. and pension and education plans through Sun Life Financial Plans, Inc.

Sun Life Financial
Darwin Uyco
Unit Manager
Sun Life-AIM Certified Financial Planner
Office: (632) 719-3815
Cell phone: 0917-898- 8926
Website: www.sunlife.com.ph

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    Are you considering this? 🙂

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