Summer Getaway at La Luz Beach Resort

We were at La Luz Beach Resort in San Juan, Batangas last May 21 to May 22, 2011. This was actually my husband’s company outing; the employees were welcome to bring their family along, but they have to pay for their family’s transportation and food expenses. Of course, my son and I always tug along with my husband on these summer getaways.

Our air-conditioned room has two beds, separate shower room and toilet, balcony and its separate entrance. Each room at the resort is fronting the beach, too. There is no TV, however, which I find quite odd because most resorts we’ve been to have a TV set in each room. We had buffet lunch and dinner on our first day at La Luz and buffet breakfast on our second day.

Everything was okay, except that on our first day at La Luz, while watching my son play in the water, my face suddenly became very itchy and red. We went to the resort’s office and asked for assistance. I was given cotton balls and vinegar. I needed to soak the cotton balls in vinegar and apply that on my face. It worked!

I hadn’t even started swimming yet when this happened, so I didn’t know exactly what it was that caused the itchiness and redness on my face. All I remember was that water splashes from the part of the beach where my son was playing kept hitting my face before this thing happened. Can anyone tell me what was it that I experienced, and why was it just me who experienced it?

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4 Responses to Summer Getaway at La Luz Beach Resort

  1. ceemee says:

    It’s so nice that you got to go to the beach! The summer’s over and we haven’t taken our kids to the beach yet. 🙁

    That is so weird! I hope there weren’t any jellyfish in the water. That’s scary!

  2. bingkaycoy says:

    That is a great beach getaway, despite that itch….I’m glad you’re relieved of them. I don’t know anything about rashes caused by water…so maybe there’s just some insects or creatures that your skin are allergic to. Just a wild guess.
    Hey Tetcha.

  3. Jade says:

    I have never experienced that before but good to know what we can do when that happens.

  4. If you had not mentioned that you hadn’t even started swimming yet when it happened, I should have suspected that you had been bitten by the jellyfish or dikya…

    We had a previous family outing in la Luz which unfortnately I was not able to attend sayang,,,

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