No More Cavities, Mom!

One of my projects before our son goes back to school is to have his four teeth fixed. His canine teeth and his upper first premolars needed light cure filling. After two sessions, this mission was finally accomplished last Saturday, June 11.

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I’m glad we found a good pediatric dentist at Dentista, Inc. at Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Edsa. His name is Dr. George Junio. My son is completely at ease with him because he is friendly, treats the kids as his buddies rather than his patients, and he speaks with a soft, calm voice.

Dr. George gladly answered my son’s questions, too, and mind you, they’re too many. LOL! He also carefully explained to Justin what he was doing to his teeth in words that my preschooler would understand. For instance, he would tell my son that he’s applying tooth shampoo (acid etch) and putting tooth clay (dental filling) on his teeth.

My son was cool and relaxed during the entire procedure, and I was just there sitting on a stool nearby and taking his pictures. Dr. George even gave my son four stickers before we left. We’ll be back again in November for my son’s dental prophylaxis.

Because my son had been good, I was actually thinking of giving him sweet treats after the procedure, like shari’s berries, but of course, he had to brush his teeth afterwards. That is one of Mommy’s rules that he needs to strictly follow.

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  1. bingkaycoy says:

    He is a brave boy! That’s a good dentist you’ve got there—he speaks in a language that kids can understand.

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