I Need Pens to Blog!

I always bring a pen with me wherever I go. I find having a ballpen in my bag handy, especially when I’m attending blog events. While I have a laptop and my husband has an Internet tablet that I can borrow anytime, I never considered bring any of these gadgets along to any of the events I attended. That’s because I find them too bulky. Besides, I’m not a gadget geek. I can also do the typing of my post when I get home, anyway, so I usually just rely on my pen and paper for taking down important details that I can include in my blog post about the particular product/service/event I need to write about. I don’t really mind if people frown at my style.

My pens became even more important to me now that I’ve recently joined the bandwagon of food bloggers. Every time we eat out, I have to have my pens (and notepad) ready for writing down the name of the dish, drinks and desserts we’re having and their description, plus their prices. That’s because I want to give my readers complete information about the restaurant I’m reviewing and our dining experience. My Christmas wish list for 2011 includes personalized ink pens. Those handy tools will surely inspire me to blog more.

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