Why Every Day Is Mother’s Day for Me

While I did not receive gift baskets for Mothers Day this year, every day is Mother’s Day for me because my son gives me bear hugs and kisses every now and then. He also always tells me he loves me, so that makes me a really happy mommy! Also, when he’s in the mood, he would write me a love note, like the one below where he drew himself and put the caption “I love you, Mommy.” He even posted it on our bedroom wall so I can always see it.

How do your kids express their love to you?

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2 Responses to Why Every Day Is Mother’s Day for Me

  1. anne says:

    It is because you are a good mom, so everyday is a happy mothers day for you. You are so lucky to have a sweet kid indeed.

  2. Mommy Ana says:

    –i get a daily “i love you”, hugs and kisses from my little boy. He’s six and he said that he’s not a baby anymore, but i can always call him “my baby”….he still sleep with me, and ask me to hug him tightly…I guess, mom and dad should respond warmly to their kids whenever they make “lambing” to you. Don’t ignore it, because I believe that whenever they do that, they want us to assure them how much we love them too….

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