The Magical Zoobles Are Here!

My son has been waiting for this package for the longest time, and it finally arrived last Friday. Since the day I told him I was going to do a review of Zoobles toys, he hasn’t stopped asking when the package is going to arrive. I know Zoobles is primarily aimed at girls, but girls and boys alike will surely love these magical and colorful creatures.

Because I didn’t let my son touch the newly arrived package until after I’m done with my review, he called his Dad in the office and talked him into buying him his own Zoobles toy, so as you can see in the picture below, he is now the proud owner of Berdine.

He finds his new Zoobles toy cute and charming. When he gets tired of placing Berdine on his happitat, my son rolls the toy on the floor when it’s shaped into a ball, and because it’s magnetized, he enjoys placing Berdine on our fridge and our metal bed frame. Berdine is also now his official sleep mate. LOL!

Zoobles are small, lovable animals in the shape of balls that spring to life when placed on their designated location or “happitat.” When petted, the Zoobles blink their eyes, wag their tails, wiggle their ears and more. There are three different areas in the mysterious world of Zoobles Isles, namely: Petagonia, Seagonia and Azoozia. Zoobles toys are available in single packs, doubles or in sets.

Single pack



The prices of Zoobles toys in the Philippines are as follows:
Zoobles Single Pack Php349.75
Zoobles Twobles Php549.75
Zoobles Special Ed. Php499.75
Zoobles Light Up Php599.75
Zoobles Playset Php1,119.75

Zoobles toys are made by SpinMaster, the creator of amazing toys like Bakugan, Tech Deck and Liv. Zoobles are exclusively distributed by Europlay Distributor Co Inc. They are available at all leading toy stores and department stores nationwide. For more information, call Europlay Distributor Co Inc. at telephone number 732-5141 to 47 or visit their website.

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  1. Chris says:

    looks interesting! 😀

  2. yeen says:

    how to order?? i want one.. it’s so cute.. 🙂

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