My Business Card Dilemma

I am seriously considering having my own business cards printed. That’s because most bloggers I know hand out their business cards to people they meet in events. Business cards are a good way of introducing yourselves and making a good first impression. Busy people, like me, too often forget the names of the people I encounter, but business cards serve as great reminders. It is also through business cards that potential clients can reach you. Now, I realize that a lot of opportunities may have been lost simply because I don’t have my own personal business cards.

I know I can create and print my own business cards because that’s what others are doing. That will save me a great deal of money. The problem is I lack the creative juice needed to do that. Besides, I’m not a techie. It will take me forever to do that, and I don’t even know where to start. Plus, I don’t have time. I’m juggling between work, which takes me forever to finish, and attending to my family’s needs. Oh, did I mention that I have a preschooler who demands all of my attention?

My best course of action would be to leave the job of business card printing to the experts. I went through several online galleries of customized business cards already, and I found a few styles that I really like. I just need to finalize the details of my personal business card and then I’m ready to fill up an order form. There, my problem is solved!

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