Mommy Moments: Here Comes the Baby!

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The general anesthesia that was given to me for my cesarean delivery knocked me down. That is why I did not see my son coming out of my tummy and did not hear his loud cry. His APGAR scores were 9 and 10, which meant my son was healthy, although he was a bit small.

That’s because I went on a self-restricted diet when I was pregnant. First, I stayed away from sweets for fear of having gestational diabetes. I also avoided caffeinated foods and drinks. I also controlled how much I was eating; I ate just enough to nourish both of us. Would you believe I only weighed 136 lbs on the day that I was to give birth to my son?

But I was a conscientious mom. I was taking my vitamins and having regular prenatal checkups with my Ob/Gyn. I was also very careful with what I put on my body and what medications I drink during pregnancy because I don’t want anything bad to happen to my baby. Below are his newborn pictures.

That big mouth should give you an idea of how loud he cried. LOL!

Presenting my handsome baby boy!

What I remembered most about giving birth was the pain I felt from my c-section. Good thing it did not last long! My two-month maternity leave was spent solely on taking care of my newborn. I had no time to think about other things, like work or how I look, not even motorhome insurance. Going back to work was hard because I always wanted to be with my son. I guess all moms are like that! My son means the world to me, and I’m really blessed to be his mother.

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14 Responses to Mommy Moments: Here Comes the Baby!

  1. MommyLES says:

    wow. CS din ako with my three boys..pero malakas daw loob ko for someone who have undergone CS..kc lakad ako ng lakad and I made sure ako may karga sa kids ko..

  2. Catherine says:

    Blessings to you and your new son.

  3. Darly says:

    i almost delivered thru c-section on my second baby, buti na lang at nakisama si Iggy at lumabas din thru normal delivery. Like you i was very conscious with what i eat whilst pregnant with my 2 kiddos, of course whatever we put in our mouth affects their health di ba. Its really nice to reminisce such experiences, it makes us appreciate more motherhood and love our kids even more

    Hope you link me up too momi T

    Here’s my MM entry this week, hope you check it out too
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  4. Stef says:

    One precious moment missed but that’s okay ‘coz there are plenty more to witness,right? I had the same feeling about going back to work after my ML even if it was extended..I just miss my daughter! Haha!

    Care to check my story? Thanks and see you around!

  5. Pinx says:

    ooohhh! i can imagine his loud cry! my son too had a big mouth! when i was pregnant, i loved eating sweets that’s why i gained too much weight, which i regretted so much in the end…visiting your MM entry! hope you can visit mine too!

  6. anne says:

    I was under c section on my second pero normal deliver in my first. Mas ok siya pag normal delivery kasi madali ka lang talaga maka recover. Your baby is so cute

  7. kimmy says:

    he’s so cute! yes, i think i have an idea how loudly he cried, lol!

    care to visit MY ENTRY?

  8. laikka says:

    so cute.. hehe, it feels you missed something hah..hehe, i was cs too but i was awakeand heard everythingaround…hehe!

    mine is up..hope you can drop by too!

  9. Chris says:

    can you image that your baby is now 5 years old! 😀 happy mommy moments! 😀

  10. ellen says:

    buti ka pa mommy, restrictive ang diet. Ako, I was trying to refrain from sugar and sweets during the first few months, tapos biglang sabi ng OB ko, kumain daw ako ng madaming cake at ice cream para tumaba agad ang twins sa tiyan ko since they will definitely be born premature and malayo naman daw ako from having diabetes…ayun, come my 33rd week, I gained 60 pounds… pero tama naman si OB, paglabas ng babies, healthy ang weight and everything 😀 Di na inincubate kahit 36 weeks lang sila.

  11. Cass says:

    weee CS din ako:)

    Happy Mommy Moments!

    Pasenxa na po I think there was a bug last week =(

  12. Mommy Ana says:

    i am 16 wks on the way and i am turning 40 in 2 weeks time…this pregnancy is unexpected but wanted…i miss having a baby around, although i have a 6 yr old boy who i love to call “my baby”. I didn’t gain much weight on him and he was around 4lbs only, but with a good apgar score so i took him home after 2 days in the hospital. Now, on this pregnancy , at my age, there are many do’s and don’ts. It’s harder than the first time, there are too many risks. I just hope and pray that everything will be ok. I stopped working for the sake of our health and safety. Thank you tetch for sharing your beautiful experiences…i love your blogs 🙂

  13. peachkins says:

    awww.he is cute!!he must’ve cried so loud!

  14. Bette says:

    oh … he really is a handsome baby boy!

    thanks for visiting.

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