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I already mentioned before that my almost-five-year-old son likes giving me letters and love notes. When he asks for his coloring pens, crayons, ballpens, etc., he will always have something for me. This was the latest I-love-you note he gave me. He made this the other day after he felt I’m not mad at him anymore.

You see, from noon until afternoon last Wednesday, I gave him the cold shoulder. That’s because he wouldn’t cooperate. I have a lot of backlog at work, and I need a little bit of peace and quiet in the house to make up for all that I’ve missed.

I told him not once but many times not to be too noisy while he played but he never listened. He actually made more noise after that, which made me really upset. When I cooled off, he approached me and told me he’s sorry and he gave me this note; he asked his yaya to spell the words for him.

When he doesn’t write love notes for Mommy, he simply draws whatever he wants and puts “To: Mommy, From: Justin” just like this one.

My son is a sweet boy. He may be hardheaded sometimes, which brings out the monster in me, but he has a way of softening my hardened heart, and that makes me love him even more.

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16 Responses to Mommy Moments: Dear Mom

  1. Vhen says:

    wow,such a sweetie.. cant wait for my tot to write me a note too.. 😉

  2. MommyLES says:

    aw! ang sweet naman ng little boy mo! little notes like this make all the hardwork worth it! visiting for Mommy Moments

  3. ceemee says:

    We really can’t stay angry at our little ones. It’s great that he loves to write. 🙂

  4. how sweet! little boy writing love letters to mommy 🙂

  5. chubskulit says:

    Ganyan taaga siguro ang mga boys ate, naku ang akin eh super as in hard head to the max lol.. So sweet of him.

  6. Jade says:

    Awww that’s so sweet. I bet your heart jumps in joy whenever you get this love notes =)

  7. laikka says:

    ayy teary eyed ako..those simple words speaks a lot for us mommies!!

    my entry is up tech, hope you can drop by:)

  8. MaiThreeBoyz says:

    awww, so sweet. That’s what makes motherhood more special, the feeling that we are loved by the most important person in our lives.

  9. bingkaycoy says:

    Judging from his works of art in the last post and his “mood” that you just described, I think your boy is a “expressive”—-and creative…most creative people do not follow standards. At a young age, they display a little stubbornness and independence because.
    He is such a sweet boy but because he has his own way of doing things , he sometimes can be stubborn at this age….and those moods and sentiments can be expressed through his art—that is why he is artistic…..he is a talented little boy.

  10. Sistergirl says:

    How sweet. Just realize when he is older being strong-will, this is going to be a
    wonderful quality. No one will be able to push him around or just get him to do what they want him to do. The characteristic that are wonderful for an adult is always hard to deal with with a child.

  11. Divine says:

    hearing our kids say they are “sorry” is a common thing BUT receiving a note that says it they are, softens the heart of any “monster mom”!

    such a sweet boy! good job mommy!

    thanks for visiting mine 🙂

  12. Chris says:

    these sort of letters really soften any moms heart 🙂

    by the way, theme for tomorrow is a dad’s first photo with baby or what was dad’s reaction when he found out that he is going to be a daddy 🙂

  13. Mom-Friday says:

    Kids really have a way to bringing out the monster mom in us, and at the same time, melt our hearts and make our days complete 🙂
    Nice going Justin!

  14. melody says:

    aww, your boy is so sweet…i really treasure letters from my kids.. 🙂

  15. prosperity says:

    ooh , so sweet, thanks for the visit.

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