Missing Our Portable Radio

Music is a great stress reliever. I remember when we were still studying that we had a transistor radio at home that we always listened to. It was actually my younger sister who dictated what station we’re going to tune in to. My younger brother owned our TV, while my younger sister was the boss of our transistor radio.

That portable radio is also our source of news back then, especially when we’re experiencing brownouts. That’s because that transistor radio was both electricity-powered and battery-powered. I don’t know what ever became of that radio, but I surely missed it. It was an important part of our growing up years.

Now, I rarely see portable radios anymore. These days, people use MP3 players, CD players or IPods to listen to their favorite songs. That’s because these new gadgets are smaller and lightweight compared to portable radios, so bringing them along is quite easy.

Reminiscing about our transistor radio reminds me about something that’s missing in my life—music. Hubby has an iPod Touch, but not once did I listen to the music that he’s downloaded there. That’s because I’m really busy.

Hubby’s iPod Touch

I can’t listen to music while I work because I find it too distracting. Besides, my son won’t allow me to play music for a long period of time because he would surely tell me that “It’s too noisy!” Creating noise in the house is his job, by the way, not mine. LOL!

When summer semester in the U.S. starts, we’ll have reduced workload, and that will give me some time to do the things that I love: singing and listening to great music and blogging, of course!

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