Are You Suffering from Adult Acne?

I thought when I turned twenty that acne breakouts wouldn’t be a problem anymore, but I was totally wrong. I had acne breakouts in my 20s and now in my late 30s. Now I know that acne is not just a teenage problem because adults can suffer from it, too. The bad news is women are the ones most commonly affected by adult acne. That’s not really fair, is it?

Fluctuating hormones are one of the common causes of adult acne. Birth control pills and other medications can also trigger adult acne breakouts, as well as oil-based skin products, such as makeup, moisturizers and cleansers. You’re also more prone to adult acne if you have oily skin. You need not worry, though, as there are good treatments for adult acne; you just have to find the one that’s right for you.

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