Where to Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry

I love jewelry! I particularly like gold and diamond jewelry pieces. They’re not just fjine accessories to complement my wardrobe, but they’re also a good investment. I remember in 2000, my husband took me to a jewelry store inside the mall to personally choose my birthday gift. I picked out a diamond earring-necklace set. Today, the value of those jewelry pieces has more than doubled. That was certainly a good buy, and that set remains to be one of my favorites.

When I have extra money, I’m usually on the lookout for sale jewelry items. I sometimes give them as gifts to my loved ones during special occasions and sometimes, I buy them simply because I like them, and if I don’t like them anymore, I can always sell them. It’s a win-win situation. Have you tried selling gold jewelry at goldfellow.com? I heard they pay 3x more than their competitors. It seems to be a good place to sell my unwanted jewelry. Has anyone tried them out?

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  1. peachkins says:

    I’ve never had any diamond jewelry pieces…I’m not really fond of wearing them kasi..

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