The Gift Giver in Me

I love giving gifts, and I love seeing the smile on people’s faces when I give them something they really like. I won’t scrimp on gifts if I have the means, but since I don’t, I usually go for things of value. These could be things they could use in the house or at work or things they could wear.

I’ve just recently acquired a fondness for accessories, and because I’ve discovered where to get really nice pieces of earrings, necklaces, rings, etc., these are now what I usually give to family and friends on special occasions. Just last month, I gave a friend who recently flew to the U.S. an earring necklace set made of colorful shell beads.

Aside from accessories, I also like giving T-shirts as presents. I remember one Christmas, all members of my family received shirts from me. I just had to find the nicest designs for baby t shirts for my nephew, ladies T-shirts for nieces and just about all kinds of shirts for the rest of my family.

This year, the whole family is planning to go to Baguio, and I’m thinking it would be nice if all of us could wear custom printed T-shirts to make this family event more special. I wonder how much it would cost to order screen printing t-shirts online. Does anyone have an idea?

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