Make Your Children’s Summer Productive: Try NumberWorks’nWords

My son’s summer vacation started early because he graduated from pre-kindergarten last March 12, 2011. Now that he doesn’t have classes, he’s actually getting bored at home. I need to find a way to keep his summer productive, and I need to do it fast! I used to enrol him for summer class in his school, but I’m having second thoughts now because of the high cost of tuition. The question is: How do I keep my son’s summer productive without denying him the fun and enjoyment he gets from playing and without spending so much?

Then, I heard about NumberWorks’nWords. This is an international learning center for Math and English. It aims to maximize learning by making children enjoy learning through the use of games and other activities as learning tools. “We help kids master and advance their skills in Math and English, thereby enabling them to start the next school year with their minds primed from the get go to effectively learn new material in school. Our innovative and enjoyable approach keeps kids coming back for more sessions, even after the school year starts,” according to Professor Dan Handy, Managing Director of NumberWorks’nWords.

NumberWorks’nWords’ goal-oriented system is individualized for every student age and disposition. What’s more, the center also uses a purpose-built software created by the company’s own software designers and educators and tailored to the students’ needs. Plus, their rates are quite affordable. We would love to try this!

Rates of NumberWorks‘nWords

Registration is Php500*

1. Preschool
4 lessons for 4 weeks = Php1,800
8 lessons for 8 weeks = Php3,600
12 lessons for 12 weeks = Php5,400

2. Grade School to High School
4 lessons = Php2,000
8 lessons = Php4,000
12 lessons = Php6,000

3. College +++
4 lessons = Php2,200
8 lessons = Php4,400
12 lessons = Php6,600

*inclusive of NumberWorks bag and pencil case

NumberWorks’nWords’ trained tutors address all levels from kindergarten (age 3) to Year 10/11 of high school. They have centers located in Alabang, Greenhills, Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City and at the Market! Market! Mall at Bonifacio Global City. They are open Mondays through Saturdays.

For details, call or text the central office at (0917) 844-6969 (0917-TGI-NWNW), or call the centers directly: Alabang branch at (02) 772-4655 or (02) 807-6294, Greenhills branch at (02) 470-9021; Market! Market! Branch at (02) 846-6268 or Katipunan branch at (02) 442-5547, or visit

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