First Day of Painting Class at Whiz Minds CAMP

Yesterday was Justin’s first day of painting class at Whiz Minds CAMP (Center for Arts, Music and Play) at Robinsons Galleria. Initially, his Dad wanted to enrol him in taekwondo class, but my son said it’s not fun. We also inquired about the Kids Band program so Justin could learn how to play drums; however, this class is still for enlistment. It was Justin who decided that it would be painting class for him this summer.

My plan was just to drop him off at his painting class, leave his yaya to wait for him and ask his Dad to fetch them after his work, but just like my other mommy plans, this did not happen because I stayed during the entire class, patiently waiting for my son to finish his first painting.

Because he was away from school for more than a month now, I expected that he’d have separation anxiety again. This did not last long, however, as he began enjoying learning about lines and doing their first painting project, which is “How to Sketch Simple Objects.” For their first lesson, they were asked to sketch an apple using light lines and color combinations. They used an illustration board and oil pastels for this.

I asked him after class if he enjoyed painting, and he said yes, but what he was more excited about was playing after class. You see, students of Whiz Minds CAMP get to enjoy unlimited play after class. If you’re not a student, you have to pay Php180.00 for one hour of play.

He was tired and hungry after class and after playing, but he enjoyed his first day at Whiz Minds CAMP.

Whiz Minds CAMP
3rd Level East Wing, Robinsons Galleria
Telephone Nos.: 774-2323; 340-7359

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8 Responses to First Day of Painting Class at Whiz Minds CAMP

  1. Chris says:

    that is such a nice work! 🙂 i am sure he will enjoy more as the days progress.. how long is his art class and how much does it cost?

  2. Russ says:

    Well I am glad he liked the class. And all that playing afterward will make for a tired young man. Good for mommy.

  3. I can say that at a very young age he is already inclined in arts….

  4. mommy jes says:

    aw syang boy anak mo LOL ;0 sarap p namanmag shopping ng girly stuff! ;D

    nweis kaya 2 un kasi nung nag up ang MM naka down ang WP ko..kaya nag gawa ako sa blogspot ko…tpos nag ok n ung wp ko..tpos kinopy ko sa wp ko ung nsa blogspot ehhehe ni pasok ko ulet kasi mas gusto ko ung wp ko eh :)) LOL sabi ko nmn ke chris tanggalin nya yun eh d p ata natangal…:D

  5. bingkaycoy says:

    Mommy has an artist…..hehehe! He is a talent and it’s great that you encourage what he wants to do because he enjoys it.
    I also took painting classes but I was a little bit older …at age 8 and I started with charcoal, then pastel, then water color, then oils….the last is acrylic. I took it from 3rd grade to 1st year HS.

  6. this is such a nice activity for kids. I wanted to enroll my daughter in one of these but they have minimum age requirement and she’s too young.

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