Chic and Comfy Clothes for Children

Part of my duties as a mom is to make sure that my 4-year-old is properly clothed at all times. While his Dad is in charge of my son’s toy needs, I have the sole responsibility of buying him clothes for all occasions. My criteria for selecting my son’s clothes are simple. First and foremost, my son has to wear cool and comfortable clothes. Of course, I also want my son to look good in what he’s wearing, so I make sure I buy stylish clothes that are appropriate for his age. It doesn’t mean, however, that I would spend so much on his clothes. I’m a practical mom, and I always try to get the most value for my money. I know that not all cheap clothes are bad and not all pricey clothes are good, so I make it a point to choose wisely and spend wisely.

I realized, however, that clothes’ options for boys are not as richly varied as those for girls. Boys just have pants or shorts and shirts or tank tops, while girls can wear anything from pants to shorts to leggings to skirts to shirts to tank tops to blouses to dresses. Of all these items that I mentioned, girls dresses are my favorite. There are just so many styles to choose from: playdress, banded dress, print dress, smock dress, V-neck dress, wrap neck dress and ruffle dress, just to name a few. If I have a daughter, I would definitely buy her all of these and more. It would be really cute if mother and daughter have matching outfits, too. LOL!

What about you? Where do you shop for your children’s clothes? What are your criteria for choosing boys’ and girls’ clothing? I sure would like to hear your thoughts on these.

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  1. mommy jes says:

    aw syang boy anak mo LOL ;0 sarap p namanmag shopping ng girly stuff! ;D

    nweis kaya 2 un kasi nung nag up ang MM naka down ang WP ko..kaya nag gawa ako sa blogspot ko…tpos nag ok n ung wp ko..tpos kinopy ko sa wp ko ung nsa blogspot ehhehe ni pasok ko ulet kasi mas gusto ko ung wp ko eh :)) LOL sabi ko nmn ke chris tanggalin nya yun eh d p ata natangal…:D

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